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DUDE-Star Radio Project DUDE-Star software is an open source application for amateur radio operators that allows RX and TX of D-Star, DMR, YSF, NXDN, and P25. It supports all known USB AMBE vocoder devices, and also supports experimental RX and TX of all modes using software vocoder algorithms. The software is located here:

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AMBE Vocoder Equipped with the latest AMBE 2 digital voice vocoder. Two Radio Models Two radio models allow the user to select the device that best suits the user's environment. Mission-Critical Wireless Supports applications like Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking for greater safety. Compatible with BT 2.0 and HSP and PAN BT ...
  • Digital Voice Systems Inc.'s Vocoder Chips provide implementations of the standard-setting AMBE®, AMBE+™ or AMBE+2™ voice compression technologies. DVSI's patented AMBE® voice compression software has been proven to outperform CELP, RELP, VSELP, MELP, ECELP, MP-MLQ, LPC-10, and other competitive technologies.
  • AMBE-2020 does not provide a digital pass-through channel, so the auxiliary microprocessor controls the initialization of the device through 74HC125 tristate buffers. AMBE Vocoder The DVS AMBE-2020 is a half-duplex voice encoder and decoder4. The encoder receives a sampled
  • The DVMEGA AMBE remains available because it has the possibility to convert analogue audio directly into AMBE data without the intervention of other hardware. The DVstick 30 is the perfect combination of the AMBE-3000™ vocoder and USB interface.

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    Amber 1994. 16. A few years ... listener to “Come out and live in a religious community/In a beautiful place out in the country” in an undulating vocoder whisper that is both hugely inviting ...

    Browse “ Vocoder ” Tag. All Tracks (189) Vocoder Tracks Using Samples; ... Hide & Seek by Amber Run (2014) I Wonder (2007) by Kanye West. sampled ...

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    AMBE AMBE+2 AMBE++ AMBE3000 SELP The AMBE3000 was on a repeater I am interested in buying. ... AMBE3000 is a chip, The AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip implements DVSI's ...

    vocoder * DMR828-AMBE [238 in stock] DMR828-NVOC [244 in stock] DMR828 has two vocoder versions:DMR828-AVOC & DMR828-AMBE, DMR828-AMBE can communicate with MOTOROLA

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    About Vocoder G.729A's Implementation (in VHDL) 7: 1835 "RE: About Vocoder G.729A's Implementation (in VHDL)" by dgisselq Jul 5, 2016 Proposal for a new high performance ISA: 21: 4149 "Now on Github: Proposal for a new high performance ISA" by Agner Jun 26, 2016

    In addition, new DCT based LPC and residual amplitude quantization techniques have been developed. The 4 kb/s HE-LPC coder with a 14th order LPC filter was found to produce much better speech quality than the various low rate speech coding standards, including 3.6 kb/s INMARSAT Mini-M AMBE vocoder.

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    Vocoder chip offers three full duplex channels Digital Voice Systems Inc. (DVSI) has introduced the AMBE-3003 multichannel vocoder chip that offers three separate encoder/decoder operations to provide the capability of up to three full duplex channels: 2001-05-16

    Vocoder Chips LQFP-128 AMBE-3000 AMBE-3000F, US $ 20 - 50 / Piece, newest, LQFP, AMBE-3000F.Source from Shenzhen Caiyusheng Electronics Co., Ltd. on

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    Jan 01, 2012 · In theory I think this is a great move, and others are praising Yaesu’s announcement. My concerns with D-STAR’s proprietary AMBE vocoder algorithm and hardware, the essentially one vendor market for D-STAR equipment (Icom), and the relatively dated and unscalable D-STAR protocol are no secret to anyone who reads this blog regularly.

    These new mid-tier P25 models operate in FM Analog and P25 Digital modes and combine AMBE + 2 Enhanced Full Rate Vocoder tehcnology along with KENWOOD’s decades of audio heritage to deliver unmatched audio performance in a two-way radio.

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    Here is the comparison with AMBE+2 vocoder. TWELP 2400 bpsvocoder and AMBE-3000 HDK (Rate#33: AMBE+2 2450 bps vocoder) were tested, using ITU-T P.50 speech base for 20 different languages. ITU-T P.862 utility was used for estimation of the speech quality in PESQ terms:

    DMR, along with P25 phase II and NXDN are the main competitor technologies in achieving 6.25 kHz equivalent bandwidth using the proprietary AMBE+2 vocoder. DMR and P25 II both use two-slot TDMA in a 12.5 kHz channel, while NXDN uses discreet 6.25 kHz channels using frequency division. DMR was designed with three tiers.

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    ambe vocoder software synthesizer ... the logo will turn mid section into a wide range of advanced panels that show the advanced parameters of the vocoder module that ...

    AMBE: Yaesu: C4FM: AMBE+2 (Digital Wide Mode not supported) Digital CR: C4FM: AMBE+2 (Japanese DCR standard, 351 MHz) NXDN: C4FM: AMBE+2 (Only 6.25 KHz mode supported ...

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Page 1 The AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip is a DSP based vocoder that provides exceptional voice quality at rates as low as 2000 bps. The AMBE-3000™ Vocoder Chip offers the affordability and mobility and required by virtually all full or half-duplex mobile communication devices.
AMBE Vocoder For: • D-STAR • DMR* • dPMR* • Yaesu Fusion The DV3000 adds D-STAR DV capability to your UDRX or R-Pi. The DV3000 is sold as a tested PCA with applications software offered by others. The DV3000 provides a Packet UART interface at 230.4 kbaud. Audio Data is sent as 16 bits pcm at 8kHz sampling rate. The AMBE Vocoder